We love working with startups.

People talent simplified
We understand how difficult it is to prioritize People Strategy and Operations at a startup. However, it's also a fact that happy people are more productive, engaged and innovative. We want to help Founders achieve their vision by offering accessible hourly rates for startups.


Most Flexible

We understand the importance of being resourceful when you're still optimizing for product / market fit as a startup.

This option will allow you to tap into specific expertise our People talent network without any commitment.

Partner with us on a hourly basis to solve a particular problem you have or an idea you want to brainstorm together on.

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Most Popular

You're a growing startup and ready to tackle new people challenges coming your way.

Partner with us on a recurring basis, 5 to 10 hour per monthto take your people strategy and operations to the next level.

We will match you with a people expert, provide strategic and tactical advice, build a plan and ensure accountability on a weekly basis.

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Most Comprehensive

As your company continue to grow, your needs will also evolve. You may have already hired a Head of People and may need additional support.

Partner with us on a project basis to solve a particular problem or need that you have.

We will be there throughout the entire project to understand, brainstorm, strategize, execute, measure and optimize.

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Create the best workplace with proven freelance people strategy and operations talent.

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