Career Planning

Make it easier to ask for help in career planning in 10 minutes

How to expand who you can rely on for help in 10 minutes.

Crabwalk with people you already know

When you get stuck, who can you go to for help?

It's probably more people than you think.

How to expand who you can rely on for help in 10 minutes.

When we’re feeling frozen in place and not sure what to do next in our own careers, we find it helpful to lean on someone to help us navigate out of our funk.

We refer to these wonderful people as our Crabwalk roster. They’re not only the people we regularly talk to, but also those from our past that we may have lost touch with. Laura’s first startup job in NYC came through a tip from a high school friend who she had been out of touch with for the better part of six years.

Feeling limited in who you can reach out to? Build your own Crabwalk roster with this quick exercise.

10-Minute Crabwalk Roster Exercise

  1. Take out your favorite notebook or copy this simple Roster template
  2. Fill in 3-5 names for each category below
  3. Don't worry if you haven't talked to them recently - add them anyway
  4. Add any other categories that come to mind - past, present, or future
  • Family Friends
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Neighbors
  • Religious Organizations
  • Friends of Friends
  • Sports Teammates
  • Partner's Coworkers
  • Executive Team
  • Online Communities
  • Clients
  • Activities After Work
  • Industry Peers
  • Gym
  • (Ex) Coworkers
  • Hometown Friends
  • Mentors-to-Be

What did you notice? Anything surprise you?

Laura Castaing
Laura is a career + business coach and I recently created a business to make career transitions easier: Crabwalk. We’ve started by teaching success professionals how to leverage who they already know to help them move forward in their career. So far, we've taught workshops to MIT students, the Association of National Advertisers, non-profits, and directly to consumers. Laura have taught to students at Northwestern, Hamilton college and PowerToFly this fall.

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