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Curated List of Remote Working Strategies, Tips and Thoughts

Curating all the best articles / blog posts out there for remote working!

With COVID-19 still rampant around the world, many companies have naturally needed to adjust their work from home and remote working policies pretty immediately. Since there are so many remote working articles / blog posts recently, I thought I would curate and aggregate a few of my favorite ones broken down into easily understandable categories. Each of the articles below have clear tips and tactics on how to manage remote working. This is a difficult time for everyone so give yourself and your team some slack, treat everyone with empathy and we will all come out of this stronger. Any topics missing here that you’re curious to learn about? Ping me winson@wattle.io

Leaders / Managers

It is crucial as a leader / manager to set the right tone during this time. Empathy, compassion and communication is even more important than ever. 


Self care is even more important during this time especially in a time of sadness and grief. It’s important to acknowledge and accept it before forcing yourself to go back to ‘normal’ activities. Hopefully the following articles will help provide some tips on how to best take care of yourself, your colleagues and your family and friends. So Treat Yo Self 2020! 

Work Environment

In the words of Marie Kondo, does it spark joy? Keeping an uncluttered and organized space will help you manage your stress levels. Adding a houseplant, a drawing from your kid(s), a souvenir from your trip will elevate your mood. Plus it’s a great talking point with your colleagues! If you want to go the extra mile check out what Aileen Lee’s (Cowboy Ventures) husband does on a daily basis on Twitter.


A very comprehensive list of tools for remote working ranging from communication, project management, time management and more. It’s a good time to test out new software and tools but also important to note that adopting new tools takes time and ownership so getting regular feedback from the team on what’s working and what’s not is helpful. Encourage your team to test it out and share what they like / dislike about them. Find the tools that work for your culture and workflow. 

Future of Work

For those interested in thinking about what this means for the future of work post COVID-19. Longer pieces of writing with various opinions on what the new normal would be like. It’s a good time to self-reflect and also think about the workplace that you want to create in the future - what would that look like?


Just wanted to share some fun things to do and funny memes! Take care of yourself!

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