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Here are a few projects that other companies are working on as inspiration on how you can enhance your people strategy and operations at your company.
It is important incredibly important to be thoughtful when it comes to dealing with people operations. This is why we are suggesting the following as pilot programs. We want to ensure that before we launch anything that impacts employee wellbeing, we can strategize, evaluate, learn, refine and grow. This is how we treat any project when we partner with you.

Have other projects in mind that you want to pilot? We will design an approach that fits your companies environment so we can test and learn effectively. Contact us at to chat further.

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Remote Working

There are a ton of discussion, articles and technology tools out there promoting the benefits (and now need) of remote working. Our team can help with the following questions.

How do you go actually go about implementing it? What are the best tools out there for your company's situation? How do we make sure the culture, energy and productivity are still strong? How do we ensure employee wellbeing is taken care of?

People Analytics

Want to learn more about your company and the people involved? Our team will:

- Understand the problems you want to solve
- Identify ways to gather the data including tools and techniques
- Analyze and present potential recommendations
- Implement and evaluate impact of changes

Freelancer Program

During this time of uncertainty, plenty of companies are either on a hiring freeze and being more careful about their resources. Freelance talent is the best way to you can deploy your resources flexibly and economically.

Creating a structured freelance program to source, recruit, onboard and manage on demand talent pipeline so that can help the company continue to grow is critical.

Crisis Management

We understand this is an incredibly difficult time for businesses, leaders and their employees so it's even more crucial to be prepared.

Create detailed emergency response plans including communications, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Ensure there are clear roles and responsibilities and the entire company is trained properly.

Learning and Development

Now it's the perfect time to help your employees up-skill and enhance their personal development so you can help them achieve their goals whilst also allowing your company to flexibly deploy resources across different teams.

With the myriad of learning and development content, platforms and tools out there, we will design an approach that fits your budget whilst ensuring maximum impact.

Community Building

Employees nowadays are more purpose driven and want to feel more connected than ever. They want to be part of something impactful and connect with folks that share the same passion.

This is incredibly difficult to achieve in many silo'd organizations. The goal here is to empower employees to take ownership and launch new communities within your company that drives innovation and collaboration.

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