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Pavel Bartoš

Startup Expert

Most of my experience comes from Czech and multinational marketing agencies, now I help startups. I'm a mentor in CzechStarter, ESA BIC, Founders Institute, DEX IC, Vodafone Foundation Laboratory, VŠEM and others. I collaborate with many startups on building their product, business plans, preparation for market entry, raising capital and marketing. I can help you turn your idea to profitable business.

I can help you create your business plan, go-to market or marketing strategy and implement it the best way possible.

I can help with:

Human Centered Design; Business plan; Pitching; Go-to market strategy; Marketing;

Mentoring in:

English, Czech

Jan Kříž

Marketing set-upper

I've tried freelancing, small projects, a bank, gastro, agency, my own startup and startup of someone else. I've been working in marketing for the last 7 years. I was in charge of business development in digital agency and in recent years I have been CMO of UP21 incubator.Primarily, I will help you to set the company's marketing strategy.

I can help you break down your customers' business cycle and define conversion channels based on the results. I can give you also a feedback on the product / service as such and help define the value for each customer segment.

I can help with:

Marketing, Strategy, Business Development

Mentoring in:


Andrea Bohačíková

Social Entrepreneur & Community Maker

I'm CEO & Founder M.arter - educational and networking platform for women on parental leave. I also work as Business Manager ASB Contrast - commodity company - specialising in the agro-sector, where I am in charge of business development & business strategy together with the company's business portfolio.

I can help you look at your idea or startup through the eyes of your customers. Find the right unique value proposition and figure out how to best way to deliver it to your customers as well as being adequately paid for it. Together, we can also look at your company's strategy and leadership along with the way you pitch and sell yourself and your startup every day.

I can help with:

Sales, Strategy, Unique Value Proposition, Community

Mentoring in:


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